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New Vendor: Fathouse Fabrication

We are super excited to partner with Fathouse Fabrications

We are now offering the entire line of Fathouse Fabrications parts at Carolina Speedworks.

This includes parts for both your SN197 and S550 Mustangs.

All parts available are listed below and does not include shipping.

If you have any questions regarding these products please don’t hesitate to call us.

SN197 Part# Description Price S197-LWB-CC 2005-2014 Light Battery/Catch Can Combo $475 S197-LWB-PLK S197 Pushlock Line/Fitting Kit $100 S197-LWB-HLK S197 Braided Line/ Fitting Kit $165 S197-LWB 2005-2014 Light Battery Kit no Catch Can $399.99 S197-LWB-CC-NoBatt 2005-2014 Kit minus battery $350 S197 Catch Can 2011-2014 Firewall Mount Catch Can $199.99 S197-FBSM 2005-2014 Fixed Back Seat Mounts $229.99 S197-KSM 2005-2014 Bolt In Kirkey Seat Mounts $229.99 S197-Race-CC coated 2005-2014 Race Version Catch Can 10AN or 12AN Vents coated black $450 S197-Race-CC 2005-2014 Race Version Catch Can 10AN [...]
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